How do I put money on my bulldog bucks?

Funds can be added during business hours in the Student Services Center (credit or debit preferred, check and cash also accepted). Cardholders and guests can also add funds online in our eAccounts portal.

What are Bulldog Bucks at UGA?

Bulldog Bucks is UGA’s convenient, secure, and widely accepted campus stored value card program. A stored value card functions much like a debit card and is designed to allow students, faculty, and staff to purchase on-campus services such as vending, dining, print and copying services.

How do Bulldog Bucks work?

Bulldog Bucks are a convenient, secure, widely-accepted way to pay for all of your day-to-day expenses as a UGA Student or Faculty/Staff member. Essentially, you deposit money to your Bulldog Bucks account, and then spend that money using your existing UGACard, much as you would with a debit card.

Do Bulldog Bucks carry over?

ZAGCARD Services Bulldog Bucks are worry-free since unused balances roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Bulldog Bucks provide a convenient secure way to make purchases with vendors who participate in the program.

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How do I add Bulldog Bucks to Gonzaga?

Downloading the eAccounts app to your mobile device

  1. Go to the Playstore and search for “Transact eAccounts” and install the app.
  2. The first time you open it, you will swipe left a few times until you can click the “Get Started” button.
  3. Search or scroll down and select Gonzaga University.
  4. Select Bulldog Bucks.

How do I get a Fresno State ID?

Student ID Cards – $5.00 per semester

  1. Confirm that the Continuing Global Education course registration is posted on your Student Center.
  2. Pay the $5.00 Student ID Card activation fee at any cashier window in the Joyal Building.
  3. Bring your receipt to the Bulldog Card Office in Joyal Room 156 to obtain your CGE ID card.

What can you use Bulldog Bucks for?

Bulldog Bucks offer students an electronic balance of discretionary money on their student ID that is available for additional purchases beyond their meal plan. They can also be used to purchase guest meals if the student has exhausted their balance of guest meal passes.

Is a meal plan required at UGA?

Academic Year 2020-2021 All UGA meal plans are voluntary for students — you choose to be our customer. Signing up for the UGA meal plan is a commitment to a full academic year contract.

Do paw points expire?

Yes. If you do not earn or redeem any points for 12 months, your points will expire. We will make sure to send you an email when your points are about to expire, but to keep them active, just make sure to visit or the Paw Points ® app and earn or redeem Paw Points ® at least once a year.

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How do you earn Paw Points?

Paw Points and TigerCASH are accepted at all campus LSU Dining locations. The only way to get Paw Points is with a Meal Plan. Meal Plans, Paw Points and TigerCASH are loaded onto your Tiger Card for your convenience. Paw Points can only be used at LSU Dining locations.

Where can I use Paw Points?

Paw Points add on-campus dining flexibility by allowing purchases in our restaurants, coffee shops, and market locations (ex. Starbucks, Barberitos, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Chick-fil-A, and more) and Coca-Cola Vending machines on campus with just a swipe of your UGA OneCard.

How much is the meal plan at UGA?

With an All-Access meal plan, you can visit UGA’s five dining commons as often as you’d like for an estimated $15-21 per day. And our 180-Block and Commuter plans are just $9.40 per meal.

How do I change my meal plan on Gonzaga?

To purchase a Faculty/Staff meal plan, please call (509) 313-6906 or visit the Zag Dining office. Can I change my meal plan? Yes! On-campus students may change meal plans via ZagWeb until 5:00 pm on Friday – the last day of the first week of class.

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