How much is AdmiralBulldog worth?

Therefore, Swedish streamer AdmiralBulldog has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

How many subs does Admiral Bulldog have?

Total number of subscriptions by month

Month Total Tier 3 ($ 24.99 )
January 2021 2,611 134
December 2020 3,158 182
November 2020 3,096 148
October 2020 3,415 172

What position is Admiral Bulldog?

AdmiralBulldog returned to playing for Alliance for I-league season 3, in which they finished in 5th position.

What Mouse does AdmiralBulldog use?

AdmiralBulldog uses a Razer Mamba Elite mouse.

How much money does Gorgc make?

Gorgc is estimated to have ~2,600 subscribers, with an average viewership of ~7,500. This means that he is minimally earning a monthly income of $9,100 USD per month, excluding additional income from tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships Twitch cheer bit donations, merchandise sales and advertisements.

What time does AdmiralBulldog stream?

Stream schedule On Tuesdays, AdmiralBulldog usually streams for 8 hours between 12 AM and 7 AM PDT. On Wednesdays, AdmiralBulldog usually streams for 8 hours between 12 AM and 7 AM PDT. On Thursdays, AdmiralBulldog often streams for 8 hours between 12 AM and 7 AM PDT.

How much does bulldog make from streaming?

AdmiralBulldog is estimated to have earned at least $630,000 USD from various tournaments. Otherwise, it is speculated that he has around 4,75o monthly subscribers, which would earn him around $11,875 – $16,625 USD. This excludes any revenue that he might generate from sponsorships, tips, advertising and commentating.

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What happened to Bulldog dota2?

Dota 2 [edit] Towards the end of 2014, during a period of roster instability within Alliance, Bulldog decided to take a break from the competitive scene to focus on streaming and connecting with his fans. On May 2nd 2015, Loda announced the return of AdmiralBulldog to the team, replacing Niqua as the offlane player.

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