What wire is used for armature?

Wire for armatures needs to be both sturdy and workable into precise shapes. Jack Richeson’s durable, 16-gauge aluminum armature wire is a dream to form. It will not rust or corrode and performs well as a core for clay, paper, and plaster sculptures. It also may be put in an oven or kiln.

How do you felt over a wire?

Using your felting needle on a wire armature: Hitting the wire with your felting needle can easily break the needle. Felt gently, using as coarse a needle as you can. For very thin legs etc, hold your needle so it is almost parallel with the wire and stab sideways up and down the leg rather than straight into it.

Can you needle felt with dog hair?

Wet felting requires nothing but hot soapy water and some sort of fiber, like your dog’s fur. The method is relatively easy — just lay the fur out flat, then rub it together using your fingers and the water. Alternatively, you can try needle felting.

How do I make a felted dog?

Punch your needle through each ball or flat group repeatedly on the needle felt mat until the ball has become a matted oval or triangle, depending on the shape you need for your dog’s ears. Flip the shape over and felt it from the other side. This will form an ear for your miniature dog.

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