Who made Bulldog knives?

The Bull Dog Brand Knives are 100% Completely Handmade in Solingen, Germany by Master Cutlers.

Are Bulldog knives any good?

A favorite pocket knife to use and collect for over 25 years, Bulldog Brand Knives continue to meet the demand for quality craftsmanship. Highly sought after by traditional knife collectors, these knives are handmade in Solingen, Germany.

Are Parker knives any good?

They look pretty cool. Thanks Mike, As QT said Parker made a little bit of everything. Some of the Knives are very good quality some are not. They made so many different patterns theirs something for every type of collector.

What is surgical steel knife?

For the most part, ‘ surgical steel ‘ is a way to advertise the blade material of a knife by implying that a cheaper steel is somehow of a higher quality than it really is; typically, ‘ surgical ‘ steels lose their edge very quickly and lack many of the properties that make a good knife blade.

Is Titanium better than surgical steel?

Titanium is a better choice for piercing than surgical steel for people with sensitive skin or metal allergies. It takes the upper hand because it offers the dream combination: It is lightweight, strong, durable and hypoallergenic. It is also nickel-free in contrast to surgical steel alloys.

Why is stainless steel so expensive?

Stainless steel is more expensive to produce because of the addition of the variety of alloying elements, such as iron, chromium, nickel, manganese and copper. The chromium attaches itself to oxygen more readily than iron and thus creates a chromium oxide layer which protects the metal from degradation.

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How hard is surgical steel?

Surgical steel can be sharpened like any other knife. Just know that with lower end knife blades it won’t hold an edge as well and may need to be sharpened more often. Stainless steel can also be harder to sharpen than it’s carbon counterparts.

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