Should I grease my trailer jack?

Like any moving metal piece it needs lubrication to do its job correctly. This is especially true for the jack which will get exposed to road grime and occasionally get submerged in water, both fresh and salt. Grease not only helps the parts move smoothly, but provide some protection from these elements and rush.

How do you lubricate stabilizer jacks?

For your stabilizer jacks, I simply recommend using LubriMatic White Lithium Grease # L11350 or cartridge # L11354. There is also a spray version # L11363 if you prefer. This will keep the threaded rod and the pivots properly lubricated and keep them from corrosion.

How do you free up a trailer jack?

Step 1 How to Repair a Stuck Trailer Jack

  1. Remove the trailer jack from trailer.
  2. Use a 19mm box end wrench to remove the 19mm hex head bolt that secures the jack to the trailer.
  3. Slide the jack off the trailer to remove.
  4. Be sure to safely support the trailer before removing (With a vehicle or jack stands).

What is inside a trailer jack?

Most commonly, hitch jacks include a crank that turns internal gears, which then extends out of a metal shaft. The shaft raises the trailer off the ground so that it can be properly hitched onto the towing vehicle [source: Free Patents Online]. Carefully your vehicle up so it’s lined up with the trailer’s tongue.

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What is the best lubricant for RV jacks?

Manual Jack Maintenance These jacks simply require an occasional inspection and lubrication of the pivot points. Most manufacturers recommend using a silicone spray, however, Fluid Film is one of the best lubricants and rust inhibitors available.

What do you spray RV jacks with?

Some recommend to clean the leveler cylinder with warm, soapy water and then spray a dry lubricant, such as WD-40, and wipe off the excess. Other manufacturers recommend using a silicone lubricant. Be sure to do research for your brand of jacks before using any products on them.

How often should you grease trailer axles?

Greasing Regularity At the very least, you should grease your axles once per season. Most trailers need greasing every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. A single axle utility trailer may need less frequent greasing than a large K- trailer.

What kind of grease do you use for trailer bearings?

Our top pick for the best wheel bearing grease is the Royal Purple Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease. It’s a general-purpose grease with a high-temperature tolerance and water resistance properties. It can be used on boat trailers, motor vehicles, and household appliances.

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